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Cathy MacDonald

KRIM™ Expert Facilitator

Cathy coaches and consults internationally to teams, businesses and individuals who wish take their communication skills to the highest level.

Cathy thrived on a fulfilling career with Police Scotland and for 30+ years served in both operational and supervisory roles, notably as a Critical Incident Manager, Firearms Commander and Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, Advisor and Coordinator. Within the world of hostage and crisis negotiation, Cathy deployed operationally to hostage situations, sieges and a wide range of incidents where barriers existed and communication had broken down. Working alongside FLOs she guided and supported families during kidnappings of loved-ones by international terrorist groups during phases of extreme anxiety and stress.

Cathy is a recognized expert in using negotiation strategies and has successfully pioneered new approaches in all aspects of high-pressured negotiation. As a training officer, she excelled in capacitating police negotiators of the Scottish National Cadre, as well as international negotiators, in crisis communication and hostage resolution management.

In 2015 Cathy created The Art of Communication ( and since then has brought simplicity to all things communication. Through her graceful and energised training style, Cathy reveals the magic and removes the mystery that can often exist around negotiation.

Cathy is lead facilitator in KRIM™ Phase II and will work with the delegates to communicate differently and to connect, understand and influence during a kidnap for ransom incident.