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Robert Goris

KRIM™ Programme Manager

Robert Goris (Australia, 1976) is an experienced, versatile and professional trainer, with an excellent understanding - and hands-on experience - in developing, implementing and delivering specialized safety and security training courses - both in person and through distance learning - to the public, private and humanitarian sectors. He has delivered safety and security training to international organizations in over 20 countries throughout 5 continents.

With 6 years experience working in the medical field and now 15 years experience working in the field of security, the design, development and delivery of world-class safety and security training is what Robert specializes in and he has spent the last 12 years - with a special focus - on improving the safety and security of humanitarians working in the field.

He is the chief facilitator for phase I and supports Timo during phase II and III.

Robert is the CEO of Prosectra Ltd (, a security services company that provides specialized security training, consultancy, and operational support. Prosectra has extensive experience working with international organizations operating in high-risk environments including: UNHCR, UNDSS, UNICEF, WFP, ITU, ILO, Relief International, GiZ, OSCE, PeaceNexus, Vesper Group, Cardno Emerging Markets, Kfw Development Bank, G4S, IOM, European Union and the Aga Khan Development Network.

Robert holds an MA in International Relations and a BScN in Nursing Science.