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Prosectra Ltd, one of the partners behind the KRIM™ Programme, is the Highfield Qualifications International approved Centre and is responsible for presenting successful KRIM™ delegates to Highfield for validation of the Certification Kidnap Incident Manager CKIM™ qualification, which is accredited by Highfield International, the international branch of Highfield Qualifications, a top 5 UK awarding organisation. Highfield accreditation has recognised the KRIM™ programme as being equivalent to a level 6, using the Ofqual’s Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) as a reference.

The Awarding Organisation’s accreditation demonstrates that the CKIM™ qualification has measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria which are checked and benchmarked as being at an ‘equivalent’ level against Ofqual’s Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) as a reference. The description of accredited qualification is available at

The accreditation level denotes the educational levels of difficulty of the programme. Levels are awarded from entry level to level 8. A level 6 indicates that the KRIM™ Programme is at an advanced level, equivalent in terms of academic rigor to third year Bachelor degree.

CKIM™ is an unregulated qualification, developed by a pool of subject matter experts, awarded with Level 6 status, and is subject to ongoing quality assurance audits.

The CKIM™ qualification may be accepted towards higher education, but this will be at the discretion of individual higher education institutions who will also take into account the relevance of the CKIM™ qualification for the higher education’s programme.